International Board of Advisors (IBA)

The International Board of Advisors

Inaugural IBA members gather at first meeting in September 2017.

The International Board of Advisors (IBA) brings together a select group of influencers with the president and senior leadership of The University of Texas at Austin to make recommendations on how UT Austin can expand its global network and enhance its presence and impact around the world.

IBA Creates President's Award for Global Learning

The President's Award for Global Learning is a transformative academic experience for teams of UT students and faculty to tackle today's most pressing global challenges. This unique opportunity has been made possible through the resources of the International Board of Advisors. The President's Award is an experiential learning program for undergraduates that places them on interdisciplinary teams, provides an overseas experience and includes paid faculty mentorship for each student. The program launched in February 2018. 

IBA Advisory Areas

Strategic Planning

Participate in the strategic planning process during the first year of IBA

Help synthesize the focus and priorities for the university’s global vision

Consider factors such as geographic regions, areas of university strength, and global trends

Educational Opportunities for Students

Apply undergraduate educational innovations globally (mentorships / internships / new methods of acquiring credit overseas)

Increase the number of undergraduates coming to UT Austin for short-term exchanges

Collaborate strategically with international universities, leveraging existing relationships

Research Collaboration / Commercialization

Expanding connections with:

Peer universities in other countries

International funding agencies for research

Global corporations seeking research partners

Incubators / accelerators abroad that complement UT Austin


Offer guidance on maximizing global engagement and partnerships that lead to increased investment and support

Expand UT Austin brand awareness

Increase development reach of the university internationally