International Board of Advisors (IBA)

Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement Lenard Moore meets with members of the International Board of Advisors

The IBA meets with units across campus that offer students international experiences and opportunities such as the Division of Diversity and Community Engagement Global Leadership and Social Impact programs.

The International Board of Advisors (IBA) brings a select group of influencers together with the president and senior leadership of The University of Texas at Austin to make recommendations on how UT Austin can expand its global network and enhance its presence and impact around the world. The IBA is committed to enriching the university though greater infusion of international perspectives and insights.

The board is composed of individuals representing multiple countries as well as varied educational backgrounds, professions and connections to UT.

IBA Members Video Conference with President's Award for Global Learning students
The signature program of the IBA is the President’s Award for Global Learning which connects UT students and faculty with international partners for collaborative projects and research. The IBA checked in with the Cohort One Community Health team while they were on location in Puebla, Mexico.

IBA Advisory Areas

Unlocking Student Potential

The IBA believes that international diversity expands worldliness and prepares students for future career success. The board is focused on advancing opportunities for experiential learning for UT students outside the U.S. through internships, service learning and research experiences, while also supporting more global awareness on the UT campus.

Enhancing Research Relationships and Graduate Student Recruitment

The world’s grand challenges are best addressed through interdisciplinary solutions combining science and technology with understanding of social and behavioral issues. The IBA supports the university’s research mission in areas such as sustainability, environmental science, big data solutions, entrepreneurship and the humanities and languages. The board also provides funding for the university’s commercialization enterprise to expand the “benefit to society” component of UT’s mission.

Representing the University as Global Ambassadors

The IBA provides value by connecting the university with international resources not otherwise accessible. These connections include industry contacts for research relations and collaboration as well as branding awareness for international alumni engagement, student recruitment and programming.

IBA Signature Program

President Fenves with President's Award for Global Learning students

President's Award for Global Learning

The President's Award for Global Learning is a transformative interdisciplinary experience for teams of UT students and faculty made possible through the resources of the International Board of Advisors

Global Engagement Report

Cover of Global Engagement Benchmark Report

Global Engagement Benchmark

The Global Engagement Benchmark offers a glimpse of UT’s current international reach and representation.

Joint Research

Cécile DeWitt-Morette

France-UT Endowment

Newly-established endowment enables more collaboration between UT faculty and students with colleagues in France, spanning all areas of study.