Approach and Vision

Every day at The University of Texas at Austin, we are defining the future of higher education and the essential role of leading public research universities. As the UT System’s flagship university, UT Austin has a unique responsibility to serve the entire state of Texas. We must continually strive for excellence in teaching, research, and healthcare to have the greatest impact and value to the residents of Texas.

Students on Main Mall

Educate Leaders Through Next-Generation Learning

Our core mission is educating the leaders of Texas and the nation. UT Austin will build on our legacy of educational reform and innovation to meet the needs and demands of our students and provide them with the knowledge and skills demanded by current and future markets. We will ensure that they are on academic pathways that prepare them as 21st century leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and scholars.

Students in Freshman Research Initiative lab

Accelerate & Enhance Research Productivity

In 2015, UT Austin announced a 10-year goal to double sponsored research. This is inextricably linked to recruiting and retaining top and diverse faculty and graduate students – our highest priority, advancing interdisciplinary collaboration, investing in our research infrastructure, refocusing technology and commercialization support structures, and enhancing campus facilities.

Dell Medical School labcoat

Transform Healthcare

Through the launch of the Dell Medical School, UT Austin aims to transform healthcare across Central Texas by focusing on community-based clinical care and developing strategic research-clinical care initiatives. Centering on a vital, inclusive health ecosystem to revolutionize how people get and stay healthy, DMS is an important catalyst for interdisciplinary teaching and research via innovative curriculum.